5 Things to check to prevent winter hassles

5 Things to check to prevent winter hassles

Check these 5 things on your Volvo
to prevent winter hassles…

When your car doesn’t perform as expected, that’s a hassle. When it’s winter, car trouble becomes dangerous.

To make sure your Volvo is ready for the change of seasons, check these five things:

1 – Antifreeze
Since antifreeze is blended with your engine’s coolant, the heat of summer can cause a loss of antifreeze protection. Make sure it’s topped off.

2 – Battery
The heat of summer can also cause your battery to boil over, lowering its power threshold. This may not become apparent until it has to make a cold-weather start.

3 – Tire Tread
Snow, slush, sleet – winter is a time of varying road conditions. Make sure your tires have the tread depth needed for good traction.

4 – Belts & Hoses
Again, the heat of summer can cause belts and hoses to become brittle or crack causing engine failure. Have them checked for good condition.

5 – Wiper Blades
With every sunny day, your wipers lose elasticity and flexibility. The change of seasons brings road slush, sleet, and snow – heavy loads for your wipers. To keep your windshield clear and have the best visibility, check your wiper blades before the snow flies!