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Volvo & Swedish Motors are Committed to You and Our Environment


Volvo & Swedish Motors are Committed to You and Our Environment

As a mom who is constantly on the go, you spend a large part of your day in your car. Whether it’s running the kids to soccer practice or making your way across town for the next big charity event, you need a car that’s ready to roll when you are. At Swedish Motors, you can trust us to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing the right vehicle for you and your family. It’s our job to make sure your time on the road is spent in a vehicle that will make you feel good about the journey.  Check out our Volvo inventory!

Here’s why you should make a pre-owned Volvo your next car:

  • Thanks to an industry leading in-house engine, Volvo has increased full efficiency up to 35% in 2016 vehicles. This means you get more mileage per gallon of gas you buy, saving you money at the pump!
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  • Their committment to going green! During this year alone, Volvo has saved the equivalent of 13,000 households’ annual energy consumption at it's various manufacturing locations.
  • Your car should be a CleanZone. Volvo now uses CleanZone, a concept designed to improve the quality of your in-car air. This new concept will keep out allergens and pollutents, providing you with a smoother and sneeze free drive, every ride.  


Volvo’s are manufactured with both our customers and the environment in mind. From the production line to carpool lane, you can feel confident that its fuel efficient design will save you money while getting you to where you need to go. Test drive a Volvo today!

Download our Fact Sheet below to learn more about Volvo’s impressive approach to making sure you and the environment are safe.


Go Download the Volvo Fact Sheet



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