Predictive Maintenance

Prevent unexpected equipment failures and expensive repairs with our predictive maintenance service offer plan. We use Volvo's factory-formulated service and parts replacement schedule to keep your car operating with no problems.

A/C Repair

Don't get trapped out in this heat. Keep your Air Conditioner clean to prevent it from failing. It's Summer in Minnesota and no one likes to be sweating behind the wheel. If you are experiencing AC problems, bring your car into Swedish Motors and we will quickly and professionally diagnose and repair your vehicle.


Check engine light come on? It could be something small, or it could be something critical. Why wait to find out? Pop in to our shop and we'll take a look using state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure your car's safety.

Routine Maintenance

In need of an oil change, tire alignment, new filters, fluids check, or a service report card? We've got you covered! We offer the best products and service to ensure your Volvo continues to perform at factory and safety specifications.


It is most beneficial to assess tires going into new seasonal temperature norms for safe driving. We offer a complete line of tires matched to your model and driving habits.


Sometimes unfortunate situations occur and your car needs a fixing. We use Volvo developed tools, equipment, and software to diagnose the problem and authentic Volvo parts for the solution. We're here to get your car driving back on the road safely after an accident.